Family Offices

With the experience of our partners and sister companies LAS TAX and LAS International we are very well placed to assist and advise our clients whom manage/own family offices whether they are just starting up or are running well established family offices.

At LAS we appreciate the need for confidentiality and security of a family's personal and business information when being appointed as their advisors. Understanding the needs of our clients, we maintain very good working relationships with their other advisors as well as introduce trusted advisors we often work with to reduce the burden of running a family office for our clients.

We are highly experienced in providing bespoke tax planning services to our clients focusing on tax structuring and offshore tax planning for the family office as well as each member of the family. Where our clients have interests abroad we are able to liaise with their international advisors and advise on international tax, residence and non-domicile status.

Not only do we concern ourselves with our clients current situations, but we also aim to preserve their family wealth and ensure it is passed down through future generations in the most tax efficient manner.

The most important thing to our clients’ is their family life and our services can take care of all the accountancy and tax burdens giving our clients more time to spend with their families.

Our services to family offices include:

LAS work alongside a number of private equity firms, allowing them to offer their clients bespoke tax planning services. This does not only add value to their clients but also to the firm as this gives them and their clients unlimited access to expert tax advisers.

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